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What is Trello?

Trello is a productivity app that makes project management and collaboration a simple and intuitive process. With Trello, you’re able to integrate your favorite online tools, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, DropBox, OneDrive, OneNote, Microsoft Office, and almost any other cloud-based app you can think of.

Trello is not “just another app to learn.” It’s the one app you should put ahead of the others. Think of Trello like the “conductor of an orchestra”. It combines and organizes all your tools, ideas, and processes required to carry out a project, from conception to execution.

There are many reasons to use Trello, so if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, keep reading to learn how Trello can save you a whole world of time, money, and energy by making all your projects, both large and small, a breeze. Trello truly is a game changer!

Why Should I Use Trello?

If you’re already using various online tools to help run your business (and your life), then you should take a serious look at Trello. At its core, Trello is designed to look like a dashboard, where you have oversight of all of your online tools, and all of your projects.

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Since Trello categorizes projects into boards, lists, and cards, you have the freedom to create an environment that works specifically for you. For example, I create the same 5 lists within most of my Trello boards:

  • Brainstorms
  • To Be Completed
  • Today
  • In-Waiting
  • Completed

A single idea starts as a Trello card within the Brainstorms list. As I develop this idea into an actionable project, it makes its journey from left to right on the Trello board, until it reaches the Completed list. Poof! My idea just took flight!

You can really see Trello magic take place inside a Trello card. A Trello card is an idea, or series of ideas consolidated into a single area. And this is where you can attach almost any type of document or cloud-based app, from a Google Doc, to a DropBox Paper document. You can assign due dates to Trello cards, add members of your team (or household), create notes in the Trello timeline, or even embed videos… All within a single Trello card. You can make the Trello card as simple, or as complex as your heart desires.

The point is, you have a single point of reference to accessing all your ideas, as well as a documented audit trail of any and all actions that were taken on those ideas. And this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do with Trello. You have the ability to automate tasks within Trello, and even connect it to your website. The list is long, and I don’t want to overwhelm you… but with these functions I just described, can you see how Trello can be incredibly helpful in bringing all your ideas together? You won’t find another online tool quite like it

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Why Do I Need the Trello Mastery Online Course?

You need the Trello Mastery Online Course because completing the course will provide excellent return dividends for your time and productivity skills. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have all of your boards, lists, and automations in place to transform your ideas into fully formed projects! Trello isn’t difficult to learn and there is no unbearable learning curve to overcome. Just set aside a little time each day to progress through the Trello Mastery Course, and learn what Trello is capable of. 

Trello is intuitive, and the layout looks simple, but don’t let that fool you. Trello is capable of taking on incredibly complex projects. For example, did you know you can plan an entire wedding using Trello? Usually planning a wedding takes months of preparation, and there are several stakeholders involved in creating a flawless wedding celebration. With Trello, you have the ability to collaborate with each member of your own team, other vendors, as well as the wedding party, to make sure every ‘i’ is dotted, and every ‘t’ is crossed.

In other words, you have the ability of creating Trello boards that are structured in such a way that you can keep track of multiple projects at the same time. Trello keeps everything organized and systemized allowing you to have complete oversight and control of your workload.  With the Trello Mastery Online Course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the Trello platform. You’ll learn how to navigate, integrate and automate Trello into your own productivity platform. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have the ability to bring all of your resources together into one streamlined communication hub. 

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What Do I Get With The Trello Mastery Online Course?


Straight forward and divided into short, easy-to-understand segments, that focus on a single feature, or set of features, at a time. 


The first module focuses on the fundamental principles that comprise Trello, called KANBAN. Once you’ve mastered these principles, you will have a stable foothold to build all your Trello boards.


Thought Catcher is a clever way to instantly capture your best ideas on-the-fly. This is a hands-free approach to preserve fleeting concepts, or to record moments of brilliance directly onto Trello, even when driving or taking a shower.


The "Momentum Method" is designed to transform your ideas into actionable projects, and to keep those projects moving toward completion. 


All Aboard! is an onboarding strategy you can implement when you need to provide an orientation to a new member of your team, and to catch them up to speed. 


Mission Control is a type of Trello board you can use to provide members of your team limited access to your CRM. This provides you the benefit preserving crucial data, restricting user permissions, and eliminating fees associated with adding users to your CRM platform.


AutoBot teaches you to harness the power of Trello’s Butler power-up to create fully automated Trello Boards. With AutoBot, you will have the ability to create a content calendar that helps you produce consistent and quality content. You’ll also be able to create an archive that clears itself periodically and measures your productivity. This alone is worth the price of the entire course!


Team Trello is a series of best practices you can use to bring other people together as a team. Even if they’re not familiar with the Trello platform, Team Trello can drastically reduce the technical barriers associated with onboarding, while promoting engagement with the platform and boosting overall productivity.


Lifetime access to Trello Mastery Forum, a members-only Facebook Community dedicated to keeping you in-the-know. Join the conversation with other Trello enthusiasts and bounce ideas around, or receive feedback on your own Trello project. 


Ongoing access to online officer hours and mini training sessions through periodic Trello Mastery Webcasts. You will also have continuous access to all the updates of Trello Mastery as the course evolves and new material is added.

Get Organized, Gain Control, Be Free

How incredible would your life be if you could spend a majority of your time, energy and resources doing what you love to do. Let's say you're a musician, a public speaker, or a performing artist… How inspiring would you find it if you were able to spend even a little more of your time in this creative space?

Trello Mastery is about helping you create order from chaos. There will always be a million little tasks that will distract and pull you away from what you love to do... Now it's time to take control and put Trello to work for you!

  1. 1
    Get Organized: Learn to take place your tasks, ideas, and projects into compartments that are easily sorted, easy to find, and prioritized so it makes sense for you.
  2. 2
    Gain Control: There is a place for everything, and everything will have a place within your Trello infrastructure. You can even collaborate with others on your projects while maintaining complete oversight.
  3. 3
    Get Free: The beauty behind Trello is you can completely systematize and automate your small business on Trello's free tier of service. I'll even show you how you can upgrade to Trello Gold at no additional charge!

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You Won't Find Another Trello Training Course Like This Anywhere Else!

That is a bold claim and I stand behind it 100%. Forgive me for being blunt, but I've spent a lot of time watching other people's Trello related content through the years, and most of what is out there is simply underwhelming. A vast majority of other Trello tutorials out there only cover the basics. Some will even offer a few Trello Board templates that you can copy. For me, there is nothing innovative nor inspiring about having you copy a template someone created for their own business. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good good for the gander. And what may have worked for their business, doesn’t mean it will work for yours.

The Trello Mastery Online Course is not an another abbreviated "how to" tutorial like all the other ones out there. Other courses cover only the basics and don't even begin to scratch the surface behind how powerful Trello really is. Trello Mastery covers the principles behind KANBAN so that you can fully comprehend how to make Trello work for you.

You won't find any one-size-fits-all concepts here. Each individual is unique, and every entrepreneur has their preferred method of working. Some prefer to write by hand and keep daily journals. Others prefer typing on a keyboard and storing all their documents in digital format. Believe it or not, either approach will work with Trello!

Personally, I utilize writing-by-hand in my creative process. I like the tactile feel of physically holding a pen, scribbling and writing as I mentally formulate and shape my thoughts. It's an "old-school" approach to hashing out new ideas. So how is it possible to incorporate hand-written documents on a platform that is 100% digital? Easy… Do what I do and use a stylus!

It doesn't matter how you generate new ideas, or how many of those ideas you generate when compared to the manner in which you put those ideas to work for you. That is the beauty behind Trello Mastery. You can use Trello as a hub and framework to incorporate your ideas in a way that makes the most sense to you. You won't learn that in other online courses. They'll only offer you Trello boards you can copy without explaining to you the concepts behind why they created them in the first place.

In Trello Mastery, I will start you off by introducing you to all the features that Trello has to offer and then explain why these features may or may not be beneficial for you. We will then work toward uncovering advanced techniques and strategies you can implement into your own Trello Board automations so that you can create a set of Trello boards that are designed for your unique needs.

you will be able to have the confidence and knowledge to take back control of your time and efforts evenif you start off with zero knowledge about Trello. By the time you complete the Trello Mastery Course, you will be able to recognize inefficiencies within your own work process, and learn the most effective ways to collaborate, automate, and innovate using Trello.

How Will I Benefit From The Trello Mastery Online Course?

This course is geared for either the full-time business owner, or the entrepreneur who aspires to go full-time in their chosen field. Learning to construct a system that will save time, make complex issues easier, and increase productivity will increase the odds that they can obtain a career in doing what they love to do.

Owning a business has its inherent downfalls. As small business owners we're stuck dealing with administrative duties, marketing efforts, or dealing with backend of client / team / vendor relations. This course will systematize, and in many cases automate these necessary tasks without having to spend money outsourcing or hiring someone else to handle these tasks.

Owning a small business has many moving parts, and in many instances, it can feel like you are spinning plates (I've been there). Working with other team collaborators, vendors, affiliates, or customers is no different. While we're out there chasing gigs or marketing ourselves, we're also expected to oversee the collaborative efforts of others. My course will teach you how to create an effective onboarding and collaboration network so members of your production team will create a dynamic synergy together while working toward a common goal.

My course will take away the intimidation factor when learning a new platform. Not only will you become proficient in the concepts behind kanban, but you'll learn to innovate and have fun at creating a Trello environment that works for you and your small business.

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About the Author

Santiago (aka Jimmy) Naranjo has been a small independent business running an event planning and mobile DJ service owner since 1988. He launched AutoMagical Marketing in December 2018 in response to helping other creative professionals automate and optimize their websites. Santiago uses Trello to organize and run his own businesses and now wants to share what he's learned with you!

My Personal Story Behind Trello

Hello, my name is Santiago Naranjo, founder of AutoMagical Marketing Studio and creator of the Trello Mastery Online Course.

For several years I struggled to keep afloat while trying to run my small business. You see, I within the wedding industry and I had to spend majority of my time coming up with new ways to market myself so that I could attract more business.

Each day I would spend a significant portion of my days researching and creating new content for my blog or coming up with clever ways to promote myself on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. For several years I even produced my own webinar series where I would interview other professionals in my field.

On top of all of that, I had to constantly network with other wedding professionals, as well as collaborate with my clients, their wedding parties, and members of my own team.

And if all of that wasn't enough, I found myself drowning in an endless see of errands. It felt like I was constantly spinning plates. You can say that my business was running me, instead of me running my business.

I was exhausted. And after everything was said and done, I found myself spending very little time working on the things that got me into this business in the first place. I knew something had to give…

Then I discovered the wonderful world of Trello…

Trello was recommended to me by a colleague, and at first, I didn't take his recommendation too seriously. I knew a little bit about Trello but I had too much on my plate to delve in and learn more. I simply didn't have the time to explore another app. I was already using a bunch of different types of software to organize my business and personal life.

I considered myself to be a pretty "tech savvy" kind of guy and I was actually proud of the number of apps I was utilizing. But I had no cohesive structure or game plan on how I was going to organize or prioritize all of my projects. I just dealt with these things as they came and I did my best to just keep my head above water.

Creating order from chaos was exhausting…

But after I was exposed to Trello I started to notice Trello everywhere. It was very much like buying a beautiful topaz-colored car. I would buy this car because it was unique and no one else would have a car that same color. But…. after buying that car, it seemed that everyone in the world would be driving a topaz-colored car. Has that every happened to you?

So "message received". I decided to give Trello a go. At first, I just tinkered around the platform to check out its features. But the more I explored, the more intrigued I became. I soon found that a few business and marketing gurus I looked up to also used Trello in their businesses.

So I decided to use it seriously for the first time as a collaboration tool in preparation for an upcoming Toastmasters Speech Contest (I am an active Toastmaster and highly recommend it for anyone who has to perform in front of a live audience).

Trello greatly simplified the entire planning process. I had a team of 12 volunteers that were working together to put on this Area Speech Contest. There were also 9 contestants that were competing in the contest and we included them on my first Trello Board too.

Yes, there were a few fundamental mistakes I made at first, but I learned some valuable lessons along the way. Thereafter, I streamlined my collaboration process and made it more efficient as I became more familiar with the Trello platform.

Today, I have implemented my Trello boards for each Toastmasters event that I chair. As a Toastmaster enthusiast and Area Director, I produce quite a few events. It wasn't long before other Toastmasters in my area asked me about Trello, and they too have implemented my Trello Boards for their events.

Then a light bulb went off. I discovered pretty quickly that I could utilize Trello for all types of collaboration. This included planning and executing my wedding celebrations from A - Z!

So I took a deep dive into the world of Trello...

I learned everything I could about Trello and the KANBAN method of organization. I read every blog and watched just about every tutorial under the sun. I wanted to learn everything about this concept and this software.

It's been about 3 years since I've implemented Trello into my business and personal life and I am proud of what I've been able to accomplish with this nifty platform! A world of possibilities have arisen since I have mastered Trello and integrated it into my daily life. Complex projects are now simple, and I have more time to focus on aspects of my life that have been on the back burner for several years!

2019 has been my best year yet, and it's only getting started! My productivity, my sense of self-fulfillment, and my annual revenue have sky-rocketed as a direct result of making a few critical changes in the way I organize, collaborate, and automate. And Trello is at the center of it all!

Trello in my Business & Personal Life:

I now utilize Trello as a front-facing dashboard for all my clients, my team, and other wedding industry professionals.

I use Trello to onboard each new person we employ and each new subcontractor we hire. I use Trello to assign projects on Fiverr and Upwork.

I have automated my repetitive tasks and projects that once required a significant portion of my time.

I've integrated Trello into InfusionSoft and ActiveCampaign, the CRM software I use for client relations and marketing.

I replaced my endless barrage of “To Do” lists with what I call my "Mother Board". This Trello board has allowed me to delegate, prioritize, and act upon all of the everyday tasks in my personal life.

I have used Trello as a repository for collecting all my ideas, especially those fleeting "moments of brilliance" that come to me at the most inopportune times, like when I'm driving, showering, or in the midst of a meeting.

Make 2020 Your Most Productive Year Ever!

I believe the amount of time and effort I have placed into mastering and implementing Trello has produced my highest yield of returns to date. Plainly stated, Trello took a huge burden off of my-work load and freed up more time to focus on the things I love to do… Less work, more results.

And now I want to share my Trello strategies with other creative professionals like you!

Do you work a full time job and wish you had more time and energy to make a good living in your own side business? Or perhaps you are a full time business owner… Are you drowning in a sea of endless tasks and "To Do" lists? Do you find yourself constantly struggling for more time and feeling over-stressed by the weight of looming deadlines? Are you a creative professional who wants to launch a brand new idea but you're limited by a bootstrap budget?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Trello Mastery Course is for you!

Trello Mastery Will Empower You to...

Master the techniques behind building a Trello infrastructure customized to achieve your objectives and gain back control over your time.

Learn how to automate repetitive and mundane tasks so you can stay focused on what you love to do.

Create team strategy boards that will increase the productivity of those you collaborate with.

Learn the fundamental principles of KANBAN that make Trello an indispensable resource for creative professionals and small business owners.

Overcome your fears of overwhelm and make larger, more complex projects easy.

Welcome To Trello Mastery

You won't find any Trello course or tutorial like this anywhere online. Many hours of research and careful thought went into bringing you the most comprehensive and update to date productivity techniques using the Trello platform. Don't delay. Make 2020 your best year yet with the knowledge, support, and tools you need right here!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I truly believe in the Trello Mastery Online Course and I'm willing to back it up; therefore you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think that the Trello Mastery Online Course isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, then just let me know within 10 days of purchase and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Trello Mastery cost?

The current cost of the Trello Mastery Online Course is a one-time cost of $199 USD. This includes all the modules, as well as all future updates to the course as they are added. You will also be able to access the FB members-only community.

How long does Trello Mastery take?

A great way to populate the FAQ section with questions is to invite pre-sales feedback from visitors. Your visitors will happily tell you exactly what questions are on their minds.

Can my team access Trello Mastery Online?

Not at this time. I have received several inquires to allow access to the Trello Mastery Online Course for a team or an entire organization; however, I have not worked out the logistics on this. But keep your eyes open as I am working on creating a multi-license access option. 

What if I my questions aren't covered?

There are a few avenues to obtain answers for your questions. The quickest and easiest way to receive a reply is to post a comment at the bottom of the module that is most relevant to your question. You can also use the members-only Facebook forum to ask others in the community their opinion. If all else fails, you can always send a question to help@amms.me.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Simple. You have 10 days from the date of purchase to delve deep into the Trello Mastery Online Course If you're not satisfied within that time frame, just send me a refund request for a full refund at help@amms.me. and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. That's how confident I am that you'll love the Trello Mastery Online Course!

How long will I have access?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

P.S.: I will be expanding the Trello Mastery Online Course as I receive feedback from my users, and as Trello adds new options to their platform. The value of this online course will only increase as I add on to it and tweak it to perfection, so you won't have the opportunity to purchase this course at this price again!

I will increase the cost of Trello Mastery Online Course as it gets better and better, and I don't offer "seasonal specials" or "special discount promotions," so don't delay! Lock in the price for life-time access now, otherwise you'll never have the chance to purchase Trello Mastery Online Course at this price again.

Yes, I want to take my business to the next level now!

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